A-Z of the 2019 Airport Award Winners

Check the A to Z Index of winning airports at the 2019 World Airport Awards.

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    • Baku

      Best Airport in Russia & CIS

    • Brisbane

      Best Airport in Australia / Pacific

    • Budapest

      Best Airport in Eastern Europe

    • Cape Town

      Best Airport in Africa

    • Centrair Nagoya

      Best Regional Airport in Asia

      World's Best Regional Airport

      Best Airport: 10-20 million passengers

    • Cologne / Bonn

      Best Regional Airport in Europe

    • Copenhagen

      Best Airport in Northern Europe

    • Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

      Best Airport Hotel in Asia

      World's Best Airport Hotel

    • Delhi

      Best Airport in India / Central Asia

    • Denver

      Best Regional Airport in North America

    • Doha Hamad

      Best Airport in Middle East

      Best Airport: 30-40 million passengers

      Best Airport Staff in Middle East

    • Durban

      Best Airport Staff in Africa

      Best Regional Airport in Africa

      Best Airport: 5-10 million passengers

    • Fairmont Vancouver Airport

      Best Airport Hotel in North America

    • Gold Coast

      Best Airport Staff in Australia / Pacific

      Best Regional Airport in Australia / Pacific

    • Guangzhou

      World's Most Improved Airport

      Best Airport Staff in China

    • Haikou Meilan

      Best Regional Airport in China

    • Hong Kong

      World's Best Airport Dining

      World's Best Airport Immigration Service

    • Houston Airports System

      World's Best Website & Digital Services

    • Hyderabad

      Best Airport Staff in India / Central Asia

      Best Regional Airport in India / Central Asia

    • Kansai

      World's Best Airport for Baggage Delivery

      World's Best Low Cost Terminal

      Best Airport: 20-30 million passengers

    • Kazan

      Best Airport Staff in Russia & CIS

    • Lima

      Best Airport in South America

    • London City

      Best Airport: under 5 million passengers

    • London Heathrow

      Best Airport in Western Europe

      World's Best Airport Shopping

    • London Heathrow – T5

      World's Best Airport Terminal

    • Madrid Barajas

      Best Airport: 50-60 million passengers

      Best Airport in Southern Europe

    • Marriott Bogotá Airport

      Best Airport Hotel in South America

    • Munich

      Best Airport in Central Europe

      Best Airport: 40-50 million passengers

      Best Airport in Europe

    • Panama Tocumen

      Best Airport in Central America

      Best Airport Staff in Central America

    • Pullman Brisbane Airport

      Best Airport Hotel in Australia / Pacific

    • Pullman Guangzhou Airport

      Best Airport Hotel in China

    • Quito

      Best Airport Staff in South America

      Best Regional Airport in South America

    • Seattle-Tacoma

      Best Airport Staff in North America

    • Seoul Incheon

      World's Best Transit Airport

    • Shanghai Hongqiao

      Best Airport in China

    • Singapore Changi

      World's Best Airport

      World's Best Airport Leisure Amenities

      Best Airport: 60-70 million passengers

      Best Airport in Asia

    • Sofitel London Heathrow

      Best Airport Hotel in Europe

    • Tokyo Haneda

      World's Best PRM / Accessible Facilities

      World's Best Domestic Airport

      Best Airport: 70+ million passengers

      World's Cleanest Airport

    • Tokyo Narita

      Best Airport Staff in Asia

      World's Best Airport Staff

    • Vancouver

      Best Airport in North America

    • Vienna

      Best Airport Staff in Europe

    • Yekaterinburg

      Best Regional Airport in Russia & CIS

    • Zurich

      World's Best Airport Security Processing

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